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Here’s a question: where’s a great place to hide a dead body?

Well, I’ll tell you: the 2nd page of a Google query. With only 0.67% of users clicking a 2nd-page website on any given search, it’s hard to think of a better place to hide something you don’t want anyone to discover.
Now, chances are you’re not trying to hide your business from customers, so that’s where companies like Peacock SEO come in.

How We Drive Traffic to Your Business

Peacock SEO is a local Charlotte SEO company that specializes in ready-to-sign customers to blue-collar service companies. For our clients, SEO turns into not just another lead source, but instead, their primary revenue driver as a company. “How?” you might ask.

Keyword Strategy

First, we start by conducting thorough keyword research and an analysis of your competitors to identify the most relevant and profitable keywords in your industry. We don’t just go after the hard-to-rank “legacy” keywords, but we also uncover a series of “low-hanging fruit” keywords that begin driving traffic exponentially faster. The way we do this is first by taking the time to deeply understand your goals and your business as a whole. By targeting the right keywords, we can attract motivated customers that while seeking a solution to their problem online, encounter your business as the first solution.

Customer Roadmap

After deeply understanding both your business and your customer, we get to work on assembling a 6 to the 12-month roadmap that details what we intend to accomplish each month during the timeframe of our engagement together. If you’ve worked with other SEO company, you’ll probably know that it’s usually smoke and mirrors when trying to nail down exactly what they are working on or what you’re hoping to accomplish throughout your engagement with them. Well, not at Peacock.

On page SEO

Once we’ve identified the strategic set of keywords and assembled a roadmap for you of what we intend to accomplish, we get to work. That starts with OnPage SEO: we optimize your website’s content and structure to make it more search engine friendly, regenerate your website’s meta tags for our updated keywords, deploy an internal link structuring campaign, conduct a full image optimization, and more.

Website Development

For the technical side of OnPage SEO, we begin to shine. That starts with the basics such as republishing your sitemap, generating your robots.txt file, optimizing canonicalization, URL Structure, core metatag optimizations, and more. But perhaps more in-depth, we also spend time with each campaign on increasing your website speed and optimizing for the customer’s mobile experience. All these things are crucial for earning Page #1 rankings on any keyword strategy.


Next, we overload your website with strategic content that is optimized for both search engines and human readers. Our team of experienced writers and editors creates blog posts, articles, and other types of content that are not only informative and engaging but also optimized for search engines.

High-Quality Backlinks

From here we full-on infiltrate the internet, plugging your website into every relevant article and website that we can get our hands on which all backlinks to your website. Together with our technical SEO strategy, we light the fuse for Google dynamite that will guarantee to begin throttling the keywords your business is ranking for online.

Google My Business Optimization + Management

We CANNOT forget about Google My Business (GMB) optimization. It may seem like small potatoes, but it’s a crucial ingredient to the successful stew we’re cooking for you. The intent is to blow up your visibility and rankings on both Google search results and map results. To accomplish this, we regularly update your profile to ensure that it accurately reflects your business and provides a positive user experience, and then post updates on your GMB profile EVERY SINGLE WEEK which are geared toward your specific keywords.

Advanced Reporting

Finally, and as stated, we believe in rigid accountability for how we’re spending our time every single month. That started with the initial Roadmap but comes to fruition once we begin reporting our progress to you monthly. Here, we use advanced analytics and tracking tools to measure the success of our lead-generation campaigns and make data-driven decisions. By analyzing data on website traffic, conversions, and other metrics, we can identify areas for improvement and continually optimize our strategies for maximum effectiveness. The entire time, we want you to have full visibility over exactly what we’re working on and how we’re grinding to generate more leads for you each and every month.

Additional Services

Now there are additional services we also perform for clients that extend beyond any of our SEO campaigns, which I’ll quickly touch on:

  • YouTube Video Creation 
  • Building and Rebuilding Websites
  • Pay-per-click campaigns

YouTube Videos

You may not have thought much about creating a YouTube Channel, and frankly, there’s not much reason you should. But the reality is that it’s one of the cheat codes of a full-fledged SEO campaign. As you know, YouTube is owned by Google, so content and backlinks shared from the website to YouTube and visa Versa have shown to be a shortcut for capturing Google’s attention for your business. 

You might be asking what videos look like for our customers… well, you’re looking at them. We make videos just like this one, but for the content that is targeted toward your Keyword Strategy.

Website Development

Next, we often work with businesses to build their website from scratch and optimized them for SEO from the ground up. 

For other businesses who already have a website and plenty of content, we frequently are tasked with a full rebuild which we can similarly code from the ground up for high performance from Day #1.

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, we’re ready to erupt your business to the sky and give you the leads needed to expand your business.

So… Is your business dead and hiding on the 2nd page of Google queries? Then go to our website RIGHT NOW and request a free Audit of your website to see what you can do about it. We’d love to have the shot at exploding your business and turning SEO into your single largest lead source as a company!

STOP running your business on the unexplored pages of Google. Call Peacock today.


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